Simply choose location of drop off or pick-up points
through the map view!

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What Can You Do With BidRider


  • Search for an item (Item Name, Store, Location) or participating establishments in the the app.
  • See the list of Search results following the search keyword used.
  • Without filters, It will show a list of participating establishments available nearby based on user’s location.
  • View search results in a List View or Map View.


  • View business profile nearby user’s location.
  • Browse the map to check business profiles on a certain location.
  • Users can track their order deliveries using real-time location & ETA of delivery.
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Item List

  • Displays detailed item information that will help the customer decide on their purchases.
    (Item Name, Item Description, Photo Slideshow, Price, Size)
  • Users can Add To Cart an item from this screen.

Add To Cart

  • User can view all items that in his/her cart.
  • See the price breakdown and total cost of the order.
  • Choose to Pay Order or Keep Browsing other items for sale.

Pay Order

  • User can pay for the order via the available payment channels.
  • Once payment buy a research paper domyhomework is successful, user will be redirected to the BidRider Screen.


  • Book for a pickup and delivery service.
  • Provide information such as delivery location, instructions or notes for delivery.
  • Pin his/her accurate location in a map.
  • Once a user submits request, notification will be sent to all available drivers nearby the pickup area.

BidRider Alert

Received by all available drivers nearby the pickup location.

Accept or Decline


From the BidRider Alert,

Once all available drivers have input their bids, all bidding information will be received by the customer through this screen.

  • User can select a driver from the screen by clicking on the Accept button corresponding the driver’s bid.

  • Once the user have accepted a bid, all drivers will be notified that the bidding is done and will receive information if their bid is accepted or not.

Bid Information

  • Bid Amount
  • Location
  • ETA from the Pickup location
  • Driver Name
  • Rating

Order Tracker

Allows user to view all of his/her orders.
Current transactions will be displayed here.

essay writer

  • View the history of all transactions
  • Once user confirms that order has been delivered,  User can provide a rating and review on the order that will be displayed on the business profile on the establishments.
  • Customers can also provide a rating and review to the driver.
  • Drivers will provide a rating and review to the customer.



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